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Binary Uno

Bryan says:
“Hi. Have been trading with a so called company called Binary Uno based in the Seychelles. The first month seemed OK. Then had no correspondence from them for over 4 weeks. So I decided to try & withdraw my money, I the got a phone call saying I can’t as I hadn’t been with them long enough. I insisted I wanted a withdrawal, instead they put what money I had into a Automated Robot system. After 7 hours of this going on my money disappeared. I left messages regarding this they just totally ignored me. They need sorting out”

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7 opinions and experiences

  1. chrishart6501atgmaildotcom says:

    I got ripped off by a scam broker recently, It started well at first so I put in more money. I didnt hear from them for a while so I decided to withdraw my money. I had to hire a solution professional to recover my funds.

  2. James says:

    I joined OMENDA and after a few deposits and promises that I would get my investments and profits they tricked me with a BONUS which requires you to follow the rule BONUSx30, that means you need a balance of the bonus you get x 30, if you get 300 BONUSx30, you need a balance of 9,000 to be a able to withdraw. Of course I never requested nor was told or authorized any BONUS. So nothing stops them from adding bonus after bonus to stop from you getting any money. SCAM, AVOID.

  3. Lim says:

    Writing to you is to report a scam binary option broker name ST Binary that I open account with.

    I only realise there are scammers when I try to withdraw my money. As you can see the screen shot I attached. The withdrawal I made on early October still in waiting. Actually this already the second withdrawal I made.

    If they can allow my first withdrawal. I don’t see what is the reason they hold this second withdrawal. Is there anything can be done from your end to recover my money back?

  4. Jose Guerra says:

    I have troubles with IronFX withdrawal, and they don’t answer my emails.

  5. Gilda Nel says:

    Please stay away from CURRENCY HOUSE it is a massive scam and you will never see your money again. They postpone withdrawals for months and always come up with new stories why they cant pay you. They are targeting South Africans specifically

  6. Ted Sasaki says:

    I am from Canada. I just recently joined a robot program,Binarobot 365 in January/17. It advertised a sure way to make to profits starting the very first day.Then I proceeded to put in $250 US. Using the recommended settings that the support told me to use that guaranteed my success, I proceeded to use the program and lost $190 within 2 hours. After freaking out at the quick horrendous loss, I was contacted by support in the name of Robert, who told me that this was like gambling and too bad for the loss. This turned out to be a very smooth set up. After overnight, I was contacted by a senior forex broker by the name of Stacey Miles, FMfx.com who promised me that she would personally guide me to success and make up for my loss and much much more. Of course I was driven to make up my loss. She told me to add $10,000 USD to my acct. I told her that she was crazy and then she asked for $5000USD. which I certainly did not have. At that point, she told me to put in $1000 US to fund my acct. She told me that this was the minimum amount which turned out to be incorrect. I was told that she would educate me to be a professional trader. It has been 4 weeks and all she has told me are the terms sell and buy. She told me not to worry and we placed a trade on EUR/USD. The trade plummeted $400 and unless I caught a very small spike where I made $300 and closed the trade I would have kept losing. Then she told me to sell at 1.0728 The Euro continued to drop into -$800 territory. She told me that to save my acct. which will be cancelled at margin of 50% I must add more funds. I kept emailing to tell her what was happening and all she would say is not to worry. The market will correct itself. Well this went on for 10 days and after several deposits of $250 USD, I had lost $3000 US! I had no choice but to close the trade as the Euro drifted further down. Now desperate with only$300 left, We made a agreement to slowly grow back the loss by doing trades hand in hand at which she replied that we will see profits and quickly regain the loss. It is at this point she got very aggressive. She told me that she was my financial manager and had to look into my bank acct. I told her that there was no more money in any of my accts. as I had used up all the resources available to me and now am at a very dire situation. There is no use in opening up my acct. to you. Now she told me that we could go no further without looking into my online banking. I relented and she quickly flew around my accts. adding them up and set it up for a Western Union transfer all the while she told me that she wasn’t doing anything but just looking. I told her to stop right there and leave the site. I was very mad indeed. Then she quickly tried to withdraw $1000 from my Visa which was obviously denied. At first I had no knowledge of the market and trusted that the broker had my best intentions in mind but this has proved to be untrue. After some self education, which was zero from the broker, I began to find out that the settings that the broker had set up involved every high risk, not to do settings. She did not incorporate any stop loss settings that if the trade did not go favourably it could potentially drain all funds from the trade. She placed an ALL IN order which one should never do as money management. She kept me uninformed on purpose as to not let on how risky her settings were. At no time did she mention or use stop loss settings, amount of trade, risk levels, or the use of indicators. Just to blindly follow her instructions. At every chance she hounded me for more funds. At the time of joining, she phoned me every 30 min. but now it is lucky if I get even a email. I keep emailing her constantly for a phone call but with very few responses. How can a day trader make wise decisions without constant support? Today I am again waiting for her call to do a “for sure trade”. In summary, I feel that she did not provide the advertised training. Also was misled into making terrible trade parameters. I was pressured to keep adding funds as a way to save my acct. from bankruptcy. Dont worry and just keep adding funds to keep the acct. alive is an unacceptable instruction with high risk settings that can easily drain all my funds very quickly. I am now $3000 US in deficit and going insane. I need your help in recovering my loss. FMfx is a registered firm and all my transactions were done through Visa. I believe that broker negligence is the case here.

  7. sibongile says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I would apprecite it if you could assist me in dealing with the matter at hand.

    I made a $250 deposit on the 15/12 with binarytilt through option robort.

    I could not get a proper service as i needed an account manager that could assist me with the option robort platform,i was contacted by two brokers from binary tilt whom said that didnt have any knowledge how the software works and offered me something i wasnt interested in instead,this frustrated me and i ended up making a withdrawal request on the 16/12.

    One of the consultant i initially spoke to had told me that they normally tell clients it takes 2-3 working days but its ueually within 48hrs .

    As i was expecting payment within 3 working days,i enquired and i was told payment takes 7-10 working days of which today will be 9days.

    What really upset me was the fact that my account manager called Jake Lewis contacted me on the 24/12 apologising for the bad service received and he requested that i give him until end of this month 31/12 to trade for me and make a few dollars for me in order to convince me to stay and prove that their service isnt bad of which i agreed,he then offered bonus of $250 when i told him i want my money back as another broker has promised me a bonus of $250.He then send me the electronic bonus agreement form,i then read their terms and declined it on email and told him to assist me without a bonus.

    He since went queit and never even responded to my emails.This was very disturbing and i decided to send their support department and email and ccd him and the response was that the finance/billing department is handling it and the same message was relayed a week ago when i queried with them.

    What i most shocking is that they have logged my password for me not to even access my account which i have noticed this afternoon.

    Your assistance will be highly appreciated,

    Kind Regards

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