eToro Experiences – Reliable or Scam?

eToro is one of the largest Forex broker in the world. And this is also the major reason why you can also find lots of negative reviews about eToro. Because with that many traders there are traders that lost money and think it’s the fault of the FX broker. But is eToro really a scam? We highly doubt that. What makes us say that?

Have you ever written a review about a broker when you were very happy? If so, you’re an exception. Because most traders don’t talk about solid and reliable broker. They just want to find a scapegoat when they lost money. And most traders lose money in the long run. It’s a fact. So if you put these two facts together you already have the reasons why even reliable broker like eToro are called a scam by some people.

In this article we take a look at the experiences other traders made with eToro. Great sites where you can find lots of good reviews are forexpeacearmy and forexrealm. What traders did not like at the beginning was the fact that the eToro platform did not run smoothly and sometimes frooze. These problems should be fixed now. At least nobody complains any more and we were also trading for a few months at eToro without problems.

Our deposits also worked out well (with Skrill). One trader complains that he made a Paypal deposit that never reached his account. We have to assume that this is an exception and there was some technical difficulties. No reason to think that eToro is a scam.

But there are also positive experiences with eToro that are published. As already mentioned, most of these positive experiences stay unpublished. Most positive reviews concern the software that is a big plus. It runs stable and offers more and more features to the trader.

The experience with the eToro support is mixed. Some traders are not happy with the support and others say that the support is fast and competent.

It’s a fact that eToro is a large broker with hundreds of thousand happy traders. eToro would not be able to grow this fast if it’s a scam. Lots of people recommend eToro to their friends and not because of the scam that is taking place. Recommends:

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eToro Experiences - Reliable or Scam?, 6.4 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

10 opinions and experiences

  1. Danielle says:

    Got scammed on Instagram her name is under fxwithshirle. She used when she tells you to withdrawl money it just keeps going in circles and requesting more and more money. I lost about 3000 and then was blocked.

  2. Charles says:

    Toro is very reliable. If you can’t trade there are way you copy people that are successful.

  3. Adrian says:

    I am very happy with the customer service from eToro. They say they will reply within 4 days but so far I have received personalised replies within a day.

    I haven’t started trading as yes so just commenting on the customer service. I like that they publish their address and phone numbers.

  4. Bas says:

    Biggest scam company ever fuck them !

  5. yoco says:

    Do NOT deposit any $$ into this scam!! First I wire transferred $3550 and after 3 weeks I didn’t receive any reply or confirmation from them at all. I Emailed to support with my bank swift as proof of transaction but without success.

    Basically my money just evaporated.

    Today receive a random call from China that they did not receive my deposit and wants my bank accounts details for proofs…Before that a random support from Shanghai called me everyday to discuss proper deposit procedure and after I choose to wire transfer they simply just ignore my email and their phone number no longer valid.

    Trust me you want to avoid etoro like plague…beware!

  6. Najib Fagerzi says:

    I’m making a profit but when I want to close my trade it says it’s unable to do so and won’t even allow me to edit it. When I go to contact customer service it asks me to log in again and when I try it just won’t login and does nothing. But everytime I log in to TRADE it logs in with no issue and as soon as you want to make a COMPLAINT it’s not responsive?! Please if anyone knows how to get through to them let me know. They are literally robbing my money

  7. Damien says:

    I am unable to retrieve my funds, etoro status says, withdrawal request under review, it has said that for 2 days. There is no live customer service, there is no phone number for customer service. There is no way of getting in touch with them other than writing a letter.
    Very dissatisfied, will relentlessly persue.
    I certainly would not recommend these guys to anyone.

  8. richie says:

    Offshore broker with different bonuses and contests, which mean that it’s a market maker. So you lose=they earn. If you want to trade seriously, I advise you to choose only well-regulated brokers with STP-licenses. In case if you don’t know what broker to choose, contact me at skype – vovkfx.

  9. abanob fajjour says:

    the current prices are not the same I got shoked I took screen shot after 5 min the current price are the same they must be making money or lettibg someone lose or they just making money how can I send the picture can I send it by mail ?

  10. ra2369 says:

    I don’t think so..

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