Is Tauribot a scam or legit?

Tauribot is an auto trading program/options signal software developed by a team of professionals in the Economics Department led by Dr. Steven Archer. The technology for this program is easy for anyone to use. Once activated it, the Tauribot software processes all the trades for you. The App is reportedly linked to supercomputers that work at rapid speed in carrying out market analysis. software has a 92% win-rate when it was tested by students from different backgrounds. The sophisticated algorithm behind this auto trading program took five years to develop.

There is no cost involved, because the creators of Tauribot Program want one hundred people to beta test it and prove that the automated trading App is simple enough for the average person to understand and to use profitably in binary options. To use Tauribot, all you need to do is to make sure there is no data clash when you register with the website.
You also need to make a deposit into your new trading account so that you have some funds for trading. You can start autotrading with a minimum deposit of $250.

When you activate the software you will start to see the profits add up in your trading account, until you request a withdrawal.

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