GPS Forex Robot scam?

GPS Forex Robot, as reported by some users, guarantee a consistent monthly profit.

They said it is a great trading system/robot that worked really well because it can sustain any market conditions of volatility. Just like a GPS navigator in your car, the robot is designed to predict the short-term movement in trades with a very high probability. It has reportedly been right in 98% of cases. And it has a reverse strategy inside which instantly opens a trade in the opposite direction and covers the small loss. This simple trick makes the robot to be really strong during both backtest and live trading!

You don’t have to use tools like martingale, grid or stoploss while using this robot. Some good performances of GPS Forex Robot have been reported on 3rd party monitoring service called Myfxbook, and all the accounts are fully verified. Myfxbook is an independent industry leader in forex accounts verifications.

The robot was eventually released to the public after over 5 years of live trading results.

Since then, many successful traders had used it to make a lot of money for themselves, as claimed by the group of professional traders that built the robot.

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GPS Forex Robot scam?, 4.3 out of 10 based on 12 ratings

2 opinions and experiences

  1. Ann Marie Schindler says:

    I was told I am getting a refund and could not delete the above post and awaiting for refund and should not have posted the above post but now awaiting refund

  2. Ann Marie Schindler says:

    Since this guy Larsen posts that there is a 60 day guarantee and since I have asked numerous times for a refund, then he in turn should abide by the guarantee and grant me my refund no matter what – I have asked repeatedly for my refund and so far I have gone unaddressed in this venture I invested in. Ive been scammed as many others have attested too. I don’t have a lot of money as it is and he pockets cash like its going out of style so to me that shows what kind of person he is to me.

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