Is Private Signals Group a scam or not?

Private Signals Group provides good trading signals for all categories of traders. It incorporates social trading into its system so that you can just copy professionals and trade their signals. The signals are outlined in a way that is simple for any trader to understand.

You should try to learn how to read each signal that is posted on their site. Although they provide an example of how traders can read those signals.

While using this software, it is your responsibility to choose the underlying asset of the tradable security that you want to trade on. This program works perfectly with many of the tradable assets.

Using their signals may help you secure a good strike price. Since this is the price of the asset that you must enter the trade at, a great strike price will increase your probability of winning most of your trades.

You will be provided a direction whether to place a Buy (Call, High) or Sell (Put, Low) trade. You can receive some of their signals through email and SMS.

They have recently expanded their signals to also include a format for traditional Forex brokers. Some of the traders will be receiving their signals in both Binary Options and Forex formats where they state the “Expiry” (for Binary Brokers) and “Take Profit” prices (for Forex Brokers) which also includes a recommend “Stop Loss” price.

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