Liteforex – Reliable or Not?

Update 2016:

Liteforex is – just like Instaforex – starting to submit fake comments from company representatives to improve their reputation. We at ForexScams want real trader reviews and experiences and we will not accept any of these fake comments. Stop trying. With this method you make it less likely to get a positive and real user comment approved.

Liteforex is a relatively unknown Forex broker and not as popular as eToro, AvaFX, Oanda or others. But there are enough opinions on the Internet that you can judge whether this broker is a scam or not.

Overall there are a lot of good experiences and only a few negative experiences. This is pretty strange because if there’s so much positive response why don’t you hear more about this broker? The major reason should be that Liteforex is very passive with their marketing unlike eToro, AvaFX, ForexPro or others.

Something that may look strange for traders is the fact that Liteforex is using a .org domain. org domains are pretty much the same as .com or .net but not that popular. Sure, brokerreviews is also working under a .org domain but we’re no FX broker and you can’t deposit money here. We think that Liteforex could invest a couple of thousand dollars to buy the .com domain and look a bit more reliable.

Overall the experiences are positive with a few critics. We suggest that you take a look at the trader experiences yourself.

Liteforex experiences

Very quick and easy to trade. I’m happy with this broker.

I hate the fact that there’s no demo account.

The problem is that Liteforex rarely replies to emails and I don’t like the charts there.

You can recommend this broker. There were no problems with my withdrawals. I can only recommend this broker.

I’m not that happy with this broker. If you need help the support replies very slowly. I’m afraid staying in a position without getting quick support if there are problems.

I just left Liteforex because of the lame support and the fact that withdrawals take too long.

Good broker, the withdrawals arrive at the same day.

The trading conditions were excellent, I think you can trust this broker.

Very good and reliable broker. Never had issues with deposits or withdrawals.

I’m confident that all the negative responses come from competitors. Because Liteforex is very reliable and the withdrawals work fine. I’m trading with them for two years now. I also like the ICQ support there.

A deposit takes 10 minutes and a withdraw 24 hours. Great Metatrader platform.

I experienced a stop loss that was not executed.

Withdraws are taking a bit long with 2 days but overall ok.

I don’t have any issues with Liteforex. The Metatrader platform is great and it only takes a few hours until the money is in my account. Recommends:

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#2: - Reliable FX Broker with EU-offices and very high safety of funds.

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Liteforex - Reliable or Not?, 8.0 out of 10 based on 51 ratings

46 opinions and experiences

  1. Berkly says:

    Good broker with fast execution of trades. I trade with this broker using the ECN and Classic account types. Both of my trading accounts are working without problems. I will continue to trade with this broker, everything is going well for me.

  2. David says:

    Bonjour, j’étais sur le point de déposé de l’argent sur liteforex mais les commentaires m’ont totalement abattu.
    Je m’attendais pas à ce genre de commentaires négative.
    Plus de 80% sont déçu.
    Je suis sincèrement désolée.

  3. Hasan Sulemi says:

    Good support service i like it. I can resolve any issue in any moment by different ways and I always get answer. Due to such service i have good results in trading because i can get useful information in time.

  4. Jovz says:

    based on my reviews here, I think I should find another trading site since i’m not sure if I can trust the liteforex. The negative feedback give me reason to move and find another whom I am confident not to get scammed and get profit without worrying.

    thanks a lot.
    New trader

    • LiteForex representative says:

      Dear Jovz,

      LiteForex is trusted broker. You can be sure of the safety of your money.

      Best regards,
      representative of LiteForex

  5. Samuel says:

    The reviews here, I do not know if I really need to post my case.

    Anyway, LiteForex are looking for every reason not to pay you and if they get one, I promise you you will have engaged in charity unexpectedly.

    To begin with, the support team asked me to scan the back of my Visa card to get paid. I was concerned that it was like asking for my password, but I wanted the money. After I scanned, they found another reason not to send me the money.

    The other thing I did was changing my card after I lost the earlier one, and on adding a new one, they asked me to only withdraw to the older one. Like seriously, how do I withdraw to an invalid card?

    After so much tussles, they told me to get a statement the bank showing that the earlier card is invalid. I wish I knew this was the kind of nonsense to expect.

    My bank operations manager went through the chat between me and LiteForex support and concluded that the team only wanted to frustrate my efforts to get the money, and I have now confirmed it.

    Anyway, be wise to know there are thousands of companies outside there you can trust with your money.

    • LiteForex representative says:

      Dear Samuel,

      LiteForex is trusted broker, and we faithfully fulfill our obligations to customers. Did you get your money? If you are still waiting tell us please your account number, and we will check everything.

      Best regards,
      representative of LiteForex

  6. Md Mojaharul Islam says:

    Lite Forex (Worst Forex Broker)

    Dear all, Please be informed that I have an Islamic account (Swap free) and commissionable in lite forex since 29 Jan 2019. I have a total deposited to my account USD 750 and I made the profit and the first week of April my balance is USD 1238.58. On 8th April when I requested to withdraw the full amount of my money, they deducted USD 517.23 as swap charge but my account was swap free. They did not charge swap amount when I closed my trade but they did charge USD 517.23 after withdrawal. Even they did not inform me that they will charge swap after withdrawal and I lost USD 517.23.

    So please stay away from lite forex to save your money.

    • LiteForex representative says:

      Dear Md Mojaharul Islam,

      Please note that your status has been changed and commission deducted amount 517.23 $ in accordance ISLAMIC ACCOUNT application:

      6. In case of violations, the Company has the right to transfer the Client’s account (s) to the swap accounts category and charge swap fees on earlier trades without preliminary notice.

      Best regards,

      representative of LiteForex Investments Limited

  7. PersTrader says:

    Warning! Liteforex it’s a Very Big Scam!

    • LiteForex representative says:

      Dear PersTrader,

      Stop to publish libel and false information about our company.

      Best regards,
      representative of LiteForex

  8. nizhoubin says:

    Being induced to swap free accounts and 70% rebate,I opened account in Liteforex.From March,23,I deposited total 150000 dollars and withdrawn 10000 dollars ,there are 677000dollars in my accounts ,including rebates and profits.Forcefully liteforex shut down my client’s portal and account.I sent all the profiles they asked,however,they delayed to solve withdrawn.
    Details can be seen through:Forexpeacearmy:

    • LiteForex representative says:

      Dear nizhoubin,

      Your trading account was blocked from our side because you refused to provide us documents about source of funds and tax payments.
      Your transactions aroused suspicion on the part of the bank also. Compliance officer of bank requested information about this funds from us and blocked our bank account. For unblock bank account with your money we need to provide documents about source of money and tax payments.

      At this moment we got documents from you. All the documents which we got from you were sent for translation from chinese and sent to the bank for verification. We expect a response from the bank with information about results of document verification. Our bank account with your money is still blocked. Be patient please. Our specialists contact you as soon as verification process be done.

      Best regards,
      representative of LiteForex

      • Yeh Yaochung says:

        Liteforex is really one professional liar. As long as withdrawn is not proceeded, the bank verification is used as an excuse to delay. It is delayed again and again . At the earlier time, we also withdrawn our money successfully. It is a quick solution before there is no big profit. Please don’t play and act games. Return our principal and profits as soon as possible. From beginning to end,liteforex is a liar, is liteforex not afraid to have a prosecution?

  9. Michael says:

    lite forex is good in cheating people when you make profit they will wide the spread likewise whenever you want to make a withdrawal they will disallow fund’s payments

    • LiteForex represenatative says:

      Dear Michael,

      May I know your account number and details of your claim? There are reasons to believe that you have invented this story because we process all requests for withdrawal of money.

      Best regards,
      representative of LiteForex

      • Edward Picoli says:

        I dont know about Michael’s text, but my mother died waiting to get our money! To this day 4 years have passed, they do not even respond to the chat or e-mail where I made a communication of her mother’s death and sending all the documents. She was sick while they demanded that she take a photo of herself with the identity card. Everything was sent on our part to attend to them when we are who we should be served as customers, but not! We are treated as fraudsters despite all documents and vouchers sent ([email protected], [email protected]). LiteForex does not answer me any more nor in the Online Chat! Among so many tests we have the conversation via Skype where the local representative Gisele refuses to continue communication with my mother under the poor pretext that the email address was in the name and my mother did not have Skype and we answered emails from our commerce. We are pooling resources to alert people here in Brazil not to fall into this scam that is LiteForex. And we will talk to the consulates to rescue these values ​​if there is no other way. We still have other allegations of frande, but we are still gathering more evidence. I intend to carry out a crusade against them if I do not take our money back. Those who want to receive more information about these fraudsters can contact me at [email protected].

        Social trader account number MT4-R-300361

        • LiteForex representative says:

          Dear Edward Picoli,

          I am representative of LiteForex Investments Limited. Please contact our support team via email [email protected] or via live chat on our site and you will get answer in any day except Saturday and Sunday. Also you can send copy of your letter to my email [email protected] I will resend it to our specialists with whom you can discuss all your questions.

          Best regards,
          representative of LiteForex

          • Samuel says:

            This LiteForex guy,

            Stop giving unnecesary assurances which are only meant to make people rethink on using the company. I have my money there and you have been asking me for a statement from the bank, and after I provided one, you said that you wanted a something like a letter, and the manager at the bank did not understand. After I gave him the chat between me and support, he asked me to handle the issue with them since the support was only trying to frustrate so that I can stop following the money.

            A word will be enough for the wise. Find another broker unless you are okay with unnecessary charity.

  10. Fransua says:

    Sometimes I have problems with connecting to the terminal. I wrote about this
    to the support of the LiteForex broker. I was advised to update the current version of the terminal. Thanks to them for this advice because now I have no problems with connecting to the terminal but I want updates to be automatic and I should not have thought about it.

  11. Harley Firson says:

    I have been trading with this broker for more than a year, I like trading conditions, and additional opportunities, but sometimes there are delays in withdrawing of funds. In public offer agreement specifies that the withdrawal takes from 1 to 3 days, but sometimes the withdrawal can take 5 days. I hope that in the future the withdrawal of money will be within 24 hours.

  12. Salim says:

    I attached my trading accounts to several managing traders in the social trading system, three accounts in sum. One account has quickly zeroed, I was afraid i think that with other accounts will be the same, but I was lucky I got a profit from investing. in future i will be more careful in my chose of trader from monitoring list. be careful in your choice

  13. Ali says:

    when I want to withdraw my money from, they told me I must send my scanned photo of my passport for verification.

    when I sen it for them. they tol me:
    “this one is good for your name verification , but you also have to provide the photo where you are holding your passport next to your face”
    I think that this company want to hold my money and don’t pay for me.

    • LiteForex representative says:

      Dear Ali,

      Thank you for your review. All checks are carried out for the purpose of safety. If you still waiting your money please tell me your UID number and we will check your account in shortest time.

      Best regards,
      Roman, representative of LiteForex

    • Edward says:

      My mother went through it and moored waiting for the money that did not come! Use denounce, they do this with many around the world!

  14. Alicia Mars says:

    I stared to use the application from LiteForex with trading strategies . A handy app since all the strategies you have in your pocket, but i want more frequent content updates inside the application, while this moment we can only be dreamed about it

  15. James Karli says:

    Convenient services and quick answers. Sometimes there are delays in payments, but rarely. I’ve been trading for a year now, there are no problems with trade. I hope for an improvement of withdrawal process. it can take 2-4 days. i would like to get money during 24 hours

  16. Halim says:

    I am using Social Trading platform from LiteForex. This service have good opportinites for investors but i think that this service should have more options for proffessional traders. I hope that in future LiteForex will upgrade thier platform.

    • Roman, representative of LiteForex says:

      Dear Halim,

      Please tell us which options do you want to have in our Social Trading platform. We appreciate the opinion of our customers.

      Best regards

  17. Andy says:

    Very popular broker with good trading conditions. But when i read their terms and conditions, i understood that it is a 100% bucket shop that attract client with unbelievable bonuses and advertising. If you have any question about this or another company, i’m ready to share my experience, just add me in skype – vovkfx.

  18. Mark says:

    LiteForex is a broker with which i trade during year, i had made 4 or 5 wirgdrawals for profit during this period. usually withdrawal take 3-5 days i think it depends from sum of withdrawal and checking process time. Good and simple broker

    • Mikky says:

      Hello Mark, please can you tell me what kind of trading can someone do on lifeforex or what is it all about, because i have register on liteforex for about 3years now but i am not really sure what is all about.

      Thank you.

  19. Erick says:

    Broker with good service and fast withdrawals. I trade with this broker long time and i saw how this broker made many new servisec and promotions for their clients. I recommend this broker for traders

  20. fxapex says:

    liteforex has cancel the condition for minimum deposit in ECN account, its a good move in favour of clients , this move will help most of the clients who cannot invest in ECN accounts due to this criteria.

  21. vicky says:

    I ve invested in PAMM account of liteforex and the return is very stable. There are many brokers who claim high returns, but its better to go with consistent return rather than high returns.

  22. pinal says:

    My liteforex a.c no is 247498.they not give me with drow amt 3990 usd. This company is completely scame company. Pls don’t invest and trade this company. You can contact me for professional of this scame company. Contact me on [email protected]. I will send you proofed of liteforex scame details.

    • Roman, representative of LiteForex says:

      Dear pinal,

      In our database we can see that your last withdrawal via Skrill done. If you have any additional questions please write email to [email protected] . Our company is always open for communication with customers

      Best regards,
      LiteForex represenative

  23. Roman, representative of LiteForex says:

    Dear traders,

    LiteForex it is trusted broker. If you trade with us and if you have any questions we can discuss any question. You can contact us in our live chat or in facebook. Also you can contact us via email.

    LiteForex representative

  24. state says:

    Please be careful from this company they took my money.

  25. durotoye isaac says:

    liteforex is a scam they hold on to your money and don’t pay you they lie that they are in the US and Canada while they are in Russia they are best at taking your money and when you make money and want to withdraw they won’t release it
    ecn acc 245885

  26. Alex33 says:

    LiteForex: An outrageous and shameful scam!!!
    Their motto is “LiteForex, the financial freedom”. You should read “LiteForex, the financial debacle”. It is a malicious and shameful scam. I have tested them carefully and I’m going to explain here exactly what I discovered about the way the scam is built. I hope this will be of some help to some of you honest people with hardly gained clean money.
    1. First, I invested 100$ in a PAMM account with some manager of theirs (named axxxxx) that appeared to have enough expertise and a profit curve with positive and permanently increasing slope. Then another 100$ with a manager called (Lxxxxx) with an increasing-only profit curve in the form of successive up and up steps.
    2. I followed the two manager’s performances for nearly a week and noticed some profits here and there.
    3. First surprise: I started a chat with one of their online agents about one of the accounts regarding something that I found suspect: In their PAMM managers ranking, one of the managers I invested with was making around 4% profit and my investment account he was managing was indicating a loss of -8% which was not compatible. They tried some evasive explanations that I didn’t understand at all. I insisted asking for a serious explanation, and imagine what happened: INSTANTLY, the -8% loss became +18% profits. They were caught cheating overtly…
    4. 24 hours later, the account with (Lxxxxx) which was making great profits started curiously losing money dramatically. The next day I was notified by email that the PAMM manager closed his account due to excessive losses and that the account was archived. My balance, which was 100$ + profits ended with 21$. The other 79$ were lost forever.
    5. The day after the other account with (axxxxx) started unexpectedly and abruptly losing money again. My balance which was 112$ (100$+profit) ended in this case with only 37$ in an archived PAMM account.
    6. So, in only a few days 207.80$: the investment of 200$ in two PAMM accounts with additional transfer fees of 2×3.90=7.80$ (that they promised to credit to my account and never credited) reduced to 21+37=58$. A loss of 72% of the amount engaged in this scam.
    From this test and their reactions, I concluded that the way they proceed is the following:
    – They generate fictitious PAMM account managers, with a carefully chosen name to make people feel confident, and even an email address where to contact the manager, and a forum where –future victims- can post comments and sometimes congratulate the manager for his performances in successful trades.
    – They display great profits in their site with high levels of daily, weekly, monthly,… profits, a good increasing curve, and a recovery factor not only above unity to be acceptable but sometimes as high as 35 or 40.
    – They keep showing this progress in profitability for several days, weeks, and even months to capture a maximum of victims, letting people feel progressively more and more confident, depositing important amounts, seeing their profits grow inexorably.
    – When the D-day comes, an abrupt decrease happens and in a few hours the PAMM account is declared closed and archived. Nobody will be able to check if the PAMM account with its profits data and its manager were real or fictitious. In fact they are totally fictitious. However, to not make the scam apparent, they close the account around 80 or 85% loss so that the victim who invested with that fictitious manager finds some consolation in bringing back a few bucks, believing that he was just unfortunate and invest again with another PAMM manager.
    I didn’t lose an important amount, but I’m now quiet certain that many honest investors are losing thousands of dollars in this scam because each of the accounts mentioned above has tens of investors. So, be aware and don’t let these crooks take your money from you. LITEFOREX IS NOTHING BUT A GANG OF CROOKS. DON’T TRUST THEM!!! And don’t believe those who are posting the contrary of what I’m saying here (CERTAINLY THEY WILL DO!…). They are LiteForex agents or people they are paying to do it and attract more victims.

    • jan says:

      Hi friend i have problems about this dirty forex broker, i see about a forex lawyer named boccadutri on, if you want we can look for most people who has been scammed and see if what ofers this lawyer, i have speaking with him about anhoter case ( capitaltrustmarkets) , the best form to reivindicate our rights is when more people join against broker like this. if you want to conect with me my watsapp is 34628370017

  27. Elwood says:


    Review Liteforex Scam – The liteforex website helped me out to start and understand the forex world. When one enters the official website’s home page, the optimized website structure allows novice traders the well organized system to understand the basics of forex trading. The page titled with “learn forex” is really impressive and systematic for beginners. Liteforex is now a big group, they can’t be scammer.

  28. Ala says:

    i open 3 accounts with lite forex first 1 i deposit 700 $ and i lost the money and am sore they was very happy the second one i deposit 500 $ and lost it too, the third one i deposit 700 $ then i start making some profit then i withdrawal 700 $ and trade again and make make profit again and when i ask for another withdrawal the cancel all my balance 1781$ and sent me this email:
    The Security Department of LiteForex has completed the checking on your accounts. Due to the result of the revision by the security and risk management departments of the Liteforex Group of Companies there were found significant violations of the Reglament of the Company, on your account 882085 were found fraudulent transactions to get the illegal profit in bonus program. Illegal profit was cancelled.

    Best regards,
    LiteForex Anti-money laundering department. )

    i have my orders history and am sure that they cant prove any thing of what they saying

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