GCI Financial- how reliable is this broker?

GCI Financial is not the smallest Forex broker but that doesn’t mean that it’s a reliable one. At all the big forex review sites you only hear bad things about GCI Financial and this is something that concerns a lot of traders. Either these sites call GCI Financial a scam or say that you should be very cautious when dealing with them. We recommend taking a look at our reliable forex broker instead.

You don’t have to say much about GCI Financial because it’s pretty obvious that it’s a scam. Usually, we don’t say that because there are always two sides of the medal and there are always trader that call a broker a scam but in this case it’s pretty obvious.

Sites like the Forexpeacearmy tried to communicate with GCI Financial because there were several traders complaining about them. GCI Financial just stopped to talk to traders that lost money there and also did not get back to Forexpeacearmy any more. This is very sad and already proves that something is wrong there.

The worst complaint is that there are adjustments in your account after closing profitable positions. Some traders lost thousands of dollars due to these adjustments are not happy about it to say the least.

Experiences with GCI Financial

Let’s take a look at the experiences of other traders with GCI Financial. We can say in advance that there are not many positive comments to be found…

I made some big losses because the positions were not executed in time or were closed when I did not want them to close.

I have been an Introducing Broker at GCI Financial for years and now they just closed my account for no reason. They still owe me $ 12,000.

There are strange adjustments that don’t make any sense when I close a position with profits.

I can’t make any withdrawals and they don’t reply to any emails.

Calling GCI Financial not reliable is way too nice. This broker is a total scam and they will take your money step by step. The IFSC won’t do anything about it and I think they belong together somehow. They stole $ 20,000 from me. Don’t even think about opening an account there.

They took my profits from my account for reasons I don’t understand.

The IFSC should regulate GCI Financial but although I complained several times there they seem not to care. Stay away from GCI Financial.

If you make profit they make adjustments and it says “Off Market Traders”. Whatever this means. They don’t reply to your complaints and you can forget your money.

I can’t believe that GCI Financial is still in business. In the year 2003 they took away $ 5,000 from me. They simply closed positions although the Stop Loss was not even touched.

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GCI Financial- how reliable is this broker?, 6.2 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

16 opinions and experiences

  1. Chris H says:


    I’ve been trying to get my money back from this company for over a month now. I have emailed my account manager ( Jacques Debruyne ) his email is: ( [email protected] ) numerous times, spoken numerous times on their Live Chat. They keep telling me that they are considering it, but it is all lies. The amount is $1,100 USD. Now I know that’s not a lot of money but still it is my money. Can anybody help me on how to get my money back? I don’t know what to do. Thank you for taking the time and your consideration in reading my post. I appreciate it. Here is more information on: Jacques Debruyne

    Jacques Debruyne
    Head of Sales
    GCI Financial Ltd.
    Direct Skype: gci.french
    Direct Phone: + 1 800 604 2412
    WhatsApp: + 507 62 51 3400

    Best Regards

    • Chris H says:


      The issue has been resolved with GCI Financial. Please remove my post.

      Thank you,
      Chris H

      • GCI Financial Ltd / Jacques says:

        Dear Chris,

        Indeed, to recap, regarding your two 550$ wires:
        – the first did bounce and hit your bank account on the first of December and
        – the second also did bounce and was sent back to your bank account in mid-January
        This has been 100% a banking issue. Put it simply: your investments never reached your GCI account.

        Best regards,

  2. Charles han says:

    I have an account with Gcitrading.com for 6 months.
    I don’t know whether it’s a fact or scam when my account handled by Jessica Edofiabor got into an accident and couldn’t remember her acess code to withdraw my funds.
    Her Brother contacted them and offer to reset the code for $2,300 Though it’s a small sum I am afraid that since the trader can’t remember she should be paying not me. My account is b.578743

    • Paulo says:

      That’s fully bullshit, such rules don’t exist anywhere and it would be foolish to believe such cheap freaks. If the broker can not provide a minimum service to its traders for withdraw funds – it does not deserve any trust ! Apply to the relevant lawyers or write to regulators, if they are of course still there. Do not transfer any money just like that.

    • GCI Financial Ltd says:

      1. Charles Han is not a GCI client.
      2. Account b.578743 is not a GCI account.
      3. Jessica Edofiabo is unknow to GCI.

      Mr Charles Han you know who you are, GCI does not.

      Best regards,
      GCI Client Services
      [email protected]
      GCI Financial Ltd

    • 4th ROCK says:

      I met this lady online. She is not a GCI agent. It appears that she took money from some individuals to invest it on their behalf, like an investment agent. I wonder how did you stumble upon her and what convincing information you have received that made you entrust her with your money. Please share

  3. owen says:

    Gci trading are scammers, I have an account with them and I requested a withdrawal after Markus or whatever his name is my appearant account manager told me a the process takes between five business days, today its the 7th after I sent the request and still nothing from them and whenever I try to contact them they put me on hold none stop, everyone stay away from GCI Trading they are scammers

  4. n shirodkar says:

    I am trying to contact GCI. for last three days, no one answering,please help me, how to get my money back.

    • Paul says:

      Hello Shirodkar,

      Did you get the money back from GCI? Just want to know, how reliable they are.


  5. Mukesh says:

    I have make withdrawal many days ago but All time gci company representative and my gci account manager told me wait only wait not give withdrawal so don’t invest your money in this company it’s totally scam . I will make cause against this company so give me your live account proof and send me email : [email protected]

    • n shirodkar says:

      I have live account to gci trading, last three days i am trying to get hold of them but no one answers, i need help.

  6. MAZLI AMC says:

    Not a reliable broker. If you invest into this broker, you can consider your money gone. Some might (like I did) try to open small fund into them at first and withdraw them for trials. THAT money will come back to you within 2-3 days. But that is all. After that, it will go to 1 week then 1 month then 3 months then they will treat you as if you don’t even exist anymore. It doesn’t matter what other review says about this broker, if it is other than “NOT Reliable” it would be some made up reviews. For the love of mankind, DO NOT TRUST THIS BROKER.

  7. prashant says:

    gci said that ,” they safe all money to http://www.alliedig.com , but when you try to contact them , the page not found . totally fraud . all good broker provide online support for all customer and gci trader provide only those who open live account , 100% fraud company , please don’t open live account with them

    • Mohomad says:

      I think that, this is very good forex broker for bgneenirs. Small account size (from 5$), regulated in European Union, metatrader 4, iphon and android apps, affiliate program. All what you need.

      • james kromeso says:

        New interest, others says not ok or scam, and you said ok for small bginners, for I have doubted with your comment so who is wright?

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