Even Forex – Trading with Mr. Tamil

Shual says:
“Forex Tamil is he scam fund manager?
Looks like he makes more money in http://www.evenforex.com ?
How it is possible? Let find out
The secret behind is Forex Tamil and Even Forex broker both are friends more over even forex broker marketing head and Mr.Forex Tamil both are from same place (India-TamilNadu) Even Forex is not regulated Forex broker so whatever Mr. Forex Tamil trade will tell to the Even Forex broker to manipulate it. At the end of the day i.e Saturday and Sunday clients can view his trade while looking at it even forex broker was manipulated according to profit system. Some trades you can see less losses and more profit
What is the befit for Mr. Forex Tamil?
Every time when he refers a client to even Forex broker he will get 20% of the deposit.
Is there any else?
Because of the profitable trade history will advertise or post it in social media such as Facebook to cover online training and some time will work as fund manager..
How much he cost for online training?
Around $2000!
In some case when the client requests a view/investor password he will provide to the client? In the mt4 manger he can identify whether any client view his account? When there is no viewer on the mt4 account, evenforex broker will manipulate into profit trades, that’s the secret.
http://www.eveforex.com and http://www.tradingwithtamil.com/ both are scam and fraudulent people don’t waste money”

Sunderasan replies:
“Hi Shual

Thanks for sharing your thoughts MrShaul
. http://www.tradingwithtamil.com/ its a scam fund manger . looted many people , he have shown me the http://www.evenforex.com/ broker user id and view only password, i have paid $2000 for training eventhough i am already experienced trader Mr.Forex Tamil told me that will explore the forex market will make a rich with 6months , after 1 month i have followed the same technical what he been told but i never made any profit but he said he done the same trading with http://www.evenforex.com/ he shows profit, after i seen your posting now i understand how he makes such kind of profit .

Guys be aware of Mr.Forex Tamil is a scam fund manger/ forex trainer.

[email protected] (can any one mail me regarding Mr.Forex Tamil i’m honor to reply.”

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9 opinions and experiences

  1. Moderator says:

    Thank you for your comments. We have decided to close comments on this article. If you have anymore questions, please contact Forex Tamil directly.
    Thank you, ForexScams.org.

  2. Tamil says:

    First thing here using shaul and surender both are same person first aak them their real ud and proof…they are the scammers

  3. Tamil says:

    For this post viewers plz ask the proof for whom evenforex not paying withdrawls and whose funds i looss ask this question to this comment poster if he provide real proof then you trust it without proof dont trust them they have an ego and try to spoil our names….posting comment is easy anyone can post anything …he is real submit the proof who cheated by me with my live chats and all by forextamil tradingwithtamil.com

  4. Tamil says:

    Hello sunder show me the payment proof to pay my course fees and my chats …….if you are real person submit here i repay your course fees instant….my email [email protected] and 09600329983

  5. Tamil says:

    Show the proof of payment and whose funds i looss and his proof …if he prove all here i repay him …and without proof anyone can post comment…by forextamil

  6. suresh says:

    Tamil sir is a No.1 trainer and No.1 trader in tamil nadu stil date. Non believers stay away. dont post foolish matter. I dont see successful trader except Tamil. Because iam a Student of forex Tamil.

  7. Raja Fx says:

    Hello traders, last several weeks we warned about this scammer and Evenforex mafia broker, But, Still many of the new comers are lose their hard earned money with this hookers, my suggestion ism if he can make huge profit, he will start the PAMM account with any reputed broker and earn huge money, Hence, the forex market is giving endless opportunity to successful traders, successful traders will never unleash the strategy, This scammer using Livedemo accounts which provided by Evenforex Third class mafia broker, if anyone need this scammer strategy, don’t spend 2000$, i will give u 100% free training of his strategy, Please stay away from this mafia group

    • Forex tamil says:

      Rajafx and Sunderasan show me the proof whose funds i loss and prove you are my students show me the payment proof for 2000$ fees and show me whose funds evenforex stop withdrawal if the bothy memebers submited the proof means here i pay their loss instantly…….THese two are trying to spoil my name in public. They are real persons means post my chats and proof of payments. Still now they are not submitting proof. Contact: tradingwithtamil.com and mobile:+91-9600329983

  8. velu says:

    yes thats right.. even forex broker its a scam forex broker .. and also fund manger name is Anbu he is a scam fund manager.. stay away from his.
    for more info: http://realliveforextrades.blogspot.sg/